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3 Generations of personal service...
Let our family treat YOU like family! 


Smart Offices - Smart Stores
by Bornstein Sons



Bornstein Sons installs Automation Systems for Small Businesses in northern and north central New Jersey.

You're in charge and in control!



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Bornstein Sons, Inc.  -  since 1928
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Take control ... Wherever you are!  

From your home, on the train, airport, sports event, lobby of your hotel...wherever you are...you're in control with the touch of your hand and a connected automation system.

For more than 8 decades providing service, maintenance, repairs and installations of business comfort systems, Bornstein Sons is ready to install a customized system for you!

Have you left your office and forgotten to:

  • Lock a door? With the touch of a button your door is secure!
  • Leave lights on or off? Turn them off - you're connected!
  • Setback your thermostat for energy savings? From wherever you are - you're in control!
  • Your cleaning service is coming and you've forgotten - With an access code, they can get in, do their work and get out! 

*Energy management allows you to apply energy-saving Smart Schedules and track your savings over time!

Take Control of your Expenses

Let's say your employees are setting the heat high in the winter or the air conditioning low in the summer for their comfort when you're not there...and you don't realize it!? 

  • Get a notification when the thermostat is manually controlled
  • Lock your thermostat so the temperature can't be changed
  • Control the temperature from your computer, tablet or smart phone

Emergency Problems

Have you experienced:
  • a burst water heater or water line? Think of the damage it might cause!
  • Failed heating or cooling system? The comfort of your office and climate for your server(s) can sometimes depend on accurate temperatures. 

*A water sensor notifies you when there's a problem so you or a neighbor, relative or friend can get to your property and turn off the water avoiding further damage!


 Security and Safety First

  • Leave a key for your cleaning service? Assign a special code so you can see when they're in your premises!
  • Forget to lock your door? No problem...A push of a button and you're secure!
  • Have you experienced Intruder Alerts?
  • Monitor your office/warehouse? - A camera will show you!
  • Who's on your premises before or after hours? A video recording will show you!
  • Monitor employees to keep productivity and theft under control!
  • Does your Smoke Detection system alert you? An app will!
  • Helpful Carbon monoxide monitoring?

*Video monitoring "live" feeds or recorded clips of motion or activity of your premises.  *Door cameras lets you to see who is at your place of business.

*An indoor or outdoor video camera provides surveillance for your home or small business through an internet connection, remote app or recording device. 

*Image sensors provide motion detection provide visual access.

*Control your lights, locks and doors remotely. Assign unique lock codes with a Smart Code deadbolt lock to workers or service companies that enter your location on a regular basis. 



  • Open and close your blinds, shades and window treatments remotely.
  • Choose 'Scene Lighting Control' for daily work hours and after-hours security.
  • Control indoor temperature - Set schedules - Save money!
  • Your coffee is ready when you arrive at your office!