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Bornstein Sons Prompt Replacement and new Installations of Central Air Conditioning

Bornstein Sons performs the finest Central Air Conditioning installations and rapid air conditioner replacements for your home or business. 

We can replace your air conditioning unit with a newer, more efficient one Replace your air conditioner with a high-efficiency model and save money on your energy bills. We specialize in air conditioner replacement We recommend Energy Star Rated Equipment for ac replacement. Regular ac maintenance can prevent your unit from breaking down.

Because we recognize the comfort and reliability you need from your air conditioning system and know that you need your AC replacement quickly, we’ll be ready when you are!

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Hire an industry leader to replace your air conditioning unit

Bornstein Sons has been installing and replacing Central Air Conditioning systems in New Jersey since the early 1960s. Add to that, our experience for 3 generations since 1928, and our expertise shows. 

We have the expertise to provide you with the finest installations and AC replacements available! 


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Do you have an old air conditioner?
Replacement saves on energy and money, and improves comfort!

Contact us today about the replacement of any and all components of your central air conditioning system.  We service, maintain, install and replace Commercial air conditioning systems, too!

Great system add-ons will bring even more comfort to you, your family and pets.
UV Lights destroy mold from your air conditioning systems.
Electronic air cleaners remove 99% of allergens, airborne particulates, mold and viruses in the conditioned air!
Our Trane 'Clean Effects' Air Cleaners do a "white glove" job.

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