NJ Emergency Standby Power Generators
We Install and Service Permanent Emergency Standby Backup Generators
For Your NJ Home or Small Business

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A power outage is much more than
just an inconvenience...

Don't be power-less...We can help!

Our electrical grids are almost 2 decades beyond their original expected lifespan..that means we can not depend on their stability, the grids are too old and unreliable.

Let Bornstein Sons provide you with the comfort you need, automatically, with
a permanent Emergency Standby Power Generator for your northern and north central New Jersey home or small business. We install, service and maintain Emergency Standby Backup Generators.

We've teamed up Bornstein Sons is your local NJ Generac dealer the manufacturer that's inside most Emergency Standby Generators.  

Our turn-keyprocess is simplified when you make one call to Bornstein Sons...
We carry a NJ Plumbing license required for all gas piping, a NJ Electrical license required for all electrical work and no sub-contractors will be called in for your installation. We will prepare and apply for all permits and of course there are no additional charges for this. We will work with you on all of the required paperwork and see your project through from start to finish. Our experience in NJ since 1928 speaks to our stability and reputation.

Your Concerns...

Why should you consider the installation of a permanent Natural Gas Standby Power Generator?

Our New Jersey weather patterns are changing, and unfortunately our NJ infrastructure is aging.

Today many NJ residents are installing permanent Emergency Standby Power Generatorsfor their homes...a worthwhile investment in your family's comfort.
When's the last time you experienced a power outage?   Certainly you remember Hurricane Irene in August 2011...the Nor'easter on October 29, 2011 and again, October 29. 2012, exactly a year later, Hurricane Sandy brought chaos and destruction to our area! 
Were you without power for an extended period of time? It's time to consider the installation of a permanent natural gas Emergency Standby Power Generator. With a sophisticated sensor and transfer switch, a permanent generator automatically powers up your home by detecting that there is no power from the utility company grid.
Plugs? Cords?
What if I'm not home?  
No plugging in devices and appliances, no manual interaction, no unsafe extension cords...and there's no need to replenish gasoline to refill it (portable generators run out of gas in less than 24 hours). Additionally, the operation is automatic...you don't have to be home...the unit will power on and off by automatically detecing the absence or return of power from your utility connection.  
Will this improve the value of my home? The good news is that you'll recoup 100% of this expense when you sell your home in the future. Added value! 
How long is this process before you can install my  generator?             The permit application approval and utility verification process is lengthy. Recent extreme weather conditions have caused a backlog with manufacturers as well. Likely, you should anticipate an approximate 2 month time frame before we can begin your installation including permit and zoning approvals and delivery of your generator.

(PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply or install temporary portable generators.)

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Bornstein Sons is authorized to provide warranty service on Honeywell, Eaton, Centurion and Siemens generators and of course, Generac. 


Learn how a permanent whole house generator can keep your home going!

The process requires calculations, communication with your local building department, permit applications, and utility company involvement and is therefore not an overnight project. Because of the ultra-high demand after extreme weather conditions, there is a backlog of orders to manufacturers, therefore...we recommend planning in advance your generator. Contact Bornstein Sons about a Standby Power Generator for your NJ home today.
o your town and local building officials. This is a multi-week process.

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