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Bornstein Sons installs Standby Generators for your NJ Home or Small Business

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Bornstein Sons is always available for your AC and Heating service needsYour hard work is most appreciated. Speaking with a "live" person while dealing with a complex project such as this was extraordinarily important to us. Your two installers Mike F and Mike G were a pleasure and we extend our thanks to them as well! Dr. M. Horn - Tenafly, NJ

Bornstein Sons is always available for your AC and Heating service needs
I found Bornstein Sons online and from my first interaction through the completion of my generator installation I found your customer service to be awesome! My trust began when meeting with Richard to discuss the project and continued even now after the installation was finished. The technicians were very patient with me and answered all of my questions. Finding a company that doesn't use sub-contractors was a major plus! I would recommend Bornstein Sons to everyone! Ms. Lori Morici - Lincoln Park, NJ

Bornstein Sons is always available for your AC and Heating service needsI chose Bornstein Sons because I like Richard's business-like manner and sincerety. I was happy to see that the generator went through it’s first test and is working fine. I’m very pleased with the neat and professional installation that has been done. I am also pleased with the people that did the installation. I found them very pleasant and informative..Thank you very much.      Charles J. Cirincion - Englewood Cliffs, NJ                                                 3.21.2013:

Bornstein Sons is always available for your AC and Heating service needsBornstein Sons installed my standby generator with excellent results. I was very pleased with the polite and knowledgeabe attitude of the installation crew and would highly recommend Bornstein Sons!
                                                                                                      Joe Huber -  Pine Brook, NJ
Call Bornstein Sons for heating repairs in Northern NJHow can I thank Bornstein Sons? Let me count the ways! In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene's 2011 fury, I sent you a note of gratitude for keeping my Bornstein-installed generator working!  We hosted 12 at our home this past week during Hurricane Sandy --- including 2 families with young children under the age of 4.  When I constantly called you as we still are without power to check on generator operations and how long we could "run" -- you took our call and soothed our nervous souls and came over to check on the system to endure its vital operation to our home.  As of the writing of this note, we are still without power but we would be "powerless" emotionally without Bornstein Sons!  G-d bless you and thanks so much! Have anyone call us to speak volumes of your service. ...With profound gratitude.                                                                   
                                                                    Marjorie & Norman Feinstein  - No. Caldwell, NJ
Call Bornstein Sons for heating repairs in Northern NJThere are no words to describe how happy we are with our generator and with all of your for installing it and answering all of my questions. Our generator ('Old Faithful' as we call it now) ran for only a few hours short of 12 days during Hurricane Sandy, and we wouldn't have been able to stay in our home without it.

Knowing that we had a warm, well-lit home to return to at the end of each of those 12 days  and knowing that our sump pump would work if the rains came) gave me peace of mind and made it much easier to get through that difficult time.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
                                                                                                   Janice Jacobson-Montclair NJ

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