Bornstein Sons announces the suspension of the Minimum Efficiency Standard of 2012
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Bornstein Sons installs Trane gas heating furnaces.  Important News on the Minimum Efficiency Standard

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 Read the article featuring Bonnie Bornstein Fertel as written by Star Legder Journalist Eliot Caroom October 21, 2012.

Here's the mandate as it was announced in 2012.

If you need to replace your gas furnace to heat your home now, or are considering it in the near future, it may benefit you to consider the replacement of your gas furnace  before the Department of Energy minimum efficiency mandate date.

Here are some simple facts you need to know and what it may mean to you:

  1. As we near the May 1, 2013 date, lower efficiency furnaces may become scarce as distributors and manufacturers will likely reduce their inventory.

  2. The installation of a 90% AFUE efficient furnace is ideal, and we highly recommend it, however...

      1. If your furnace is in the middle of finished living space it may be nearly impossible or quite costly if it is possible, to accomodate this mandate.

      2. The design and layout of many condominiums and townhouses may make it impossible to comply without significant aesthetic and costly consequences, and some condominium associations will not permit breaching the exterior of the building.

      3. The installation of an 80% efficient furnace will be against the law once the new mandate takes effect.

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