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Bornstein Sons is passionate about our planet.
Let us help you become Green

 Green is not just a color!

Installing an LED light, "Smart Home" or "Smart Business" System, High Efficiency cooling or heating system, or a setback thermostat brings you closer to saving our resources, saving your money and being more "Green"

describe the imageHigh Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning Systems…

In an effort to implement ‘Green’ solutions, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy has sponsored the ENERGY STAR® Program in order to highlight and promote environmentally conscious products. When Bornstein Sons installs a high-efficiency furnace, boiler or air conditioning unit you save on energy costs every day.


Water Heaters:  

The process of heating water for domestic use including washing, bathing and laundry can account for as much as 17% of the overall energy usage of an average household. Just think about it…applying the practice of the ENERGY STAR® Program will translate into substantial savings for homeowners.


The reasons are simple…you will reduce your carbon footprint promoting better health of our environment and save money! The Department of Energy projects that within five years of the implementation of the ENERGY STAR® Program Americans are expected to collectively save nearly $780 million dollars in utility costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4 million tons. Simply stated: Installing an Energy Star® recognized water heater will allow you to do your part in saving our planet while saving money!  Are you ready to Go Green? If you're ready for a green water heater installation, we're ready too!


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