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Prime Protection Plans:
Annual Heating Tune-Ups & Huge Savings on Repairs!

Have a professional perform an Annual Tune-Up on your  heating system to keep it operating efficiently and start saving money at the same time!

Heating repairs can be costly. Interested in more than just an annual tune-up?  We offer heating service plans for your gas boiler, gas furnace or ductless system that will save you money on repair costs and service charges.   

Here's how you can start saving now... 

Our Safety & Efficiency
Prime Protection Plans

Save money on heating repairs with Bornstein Sons Prime Protection Plan


  • Priority Service
  • Annual Heating tune-up
  • Discounted repair charges
  • 50% discount on service charges
  • Convenient monthly credit card billing
  • Reward points
    • Points accrue on the anniversary of the plan and may be redeemed towards system accessories or replacement equipment

So, if you are already amongst those that call  us for annual maintenance and service when needed, this makes financial sense!
For those of you that have not, we invite you to try our services and take advantage of these potential savings!

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Download our Prime Protection Plan

Prme Protection Plans are also available for your
Central air conditioning or ductless system, too!