NJ Humidifiers and Humidification Systems for your NJ home or business

Humidity controls your comfort.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling dry and parched during heating season? 

If the answer is yes...you need a humidifer! 

Bornstein Sons is proud to install Trane Humidifiers in northern and north central NJ. Contact us today!

Bornstein Sons offers complete Heating Repair Services for residential, commercial and industrial locations.

If you heat your home with a forced air (warm air) furnace there is a great chance that your home is lacking the proper humidity levels to make you more comfortable.

Dry skin, cracked skin, dry sore throats and even bloody noses during the winter can mean your humidity level is too low or non-existent.

Static electricity can also be caused by a lack of humidity.

It all comes down to one word: Comfort...Yours!

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Here are some helpful humidifier facts:

  • Temperature is just one factor in total home comfort, especially in dry weather. A lack of humidity in your home can dry out your skin, aggravate asthma and allergies. A Trane humidifier provides the right amount of moisture in every room, and can help alleviate allergy symptoms.
    • The most common allergy-causing irritants affecting the respiratory tract are airborne
    • Mold spore, dust mites and pet dander are affected by humidity. If the relative humidity level in your home is less than 30% bacteria, mold and fungal spores as well as dust mites dry out and are easily inhaled
  • Lack of humidity can cause or exacerbate snoring
  • Humidified air feels warmer allowing you to set your thermostat at a lower temperature and therefore you save on energy costs!
  • Fine furniture (particularly pianos) is better preserved in a humidity-controlled environment
  • Home plants thrive in humidified air

Here's Bornstein Sons humidifier service recommendations:

  • Humidifiers are easy to operate: Our trained technicians will set the humidity level at a comfortable range (35-45%). 
  • Contact us to turn off the humidifier at the end of heating season when you schedule your air conditioning tune-up service and we'll then turn it on again at the time of your annual furnace tune-up 
  • We'll replace the media pad at that time. Typically media pads last one year. (Failure to do so could create an unhealthy mold situation and the pad disintegrates over time.)
  • Our Service Contracts  can include humidifier maintenance and repairs

If you currently have a drum-type humidifier we recommend its replacement.  These types of humidifiers retain water allowing a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Need humidifier service?
Contact us to schedule a service call for your humidifier today.

Thinking about installing a humidifier?
Bornstein Sons can  easily install a Trane humidifier on your forced air (warm air) furnace.

Is it time to replace your humidifier? No problem!

We can install a new humidifier for you right away.

Humidifier not working properly? Perhaps it's time for humidifier maintenance

We can handle maintenance on all manufacturer's humidifiers, too!

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