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Whether working with Commercial or Residential clients, newer homes, Condos and Townhomes or older buildings, Bornstein Sons is your local heating system installations experts.

When you replace your old, inefficient heating equipment, you'll realize savings of up to 30-50% on energy costs!

Bornstein Sons offers 0% Financing

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Did you know you're wasting money? Our heating installation technicians will perform your furnace replacement with expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism while  taking care to leave your home clean. 

We are older home specialists with particular knowledge and experience in the ‘lost art of steam heating systems’ or, simply stated, we are steam heating experts.  

Your boiler installation will be performed by experienced installers who have literally installed thousands of boilers.

Our family has installed and replaced heating systems for 3 generations, since 1928, for NJ home and business owners just like you.  As a matter of fact, we've completed many Oil to Gas Conversions (from costly, dirty oil to clean natural gas) that our Grandpa Harry installed between 1928 and 1948! We're still servicing many of those customers, too.

When you need an expert for your New Jersey furnace installation or furnace replacement or NJ boiler installation or boiler replacement, we can help!

Your old, inefficient heating system runs longer, uses more gas, and costs more to operate!

Bornstein Sons installs boilers and furnaces in Northern NJ

Residential Systems
Our experienced technicians install and replace all types of gas-fired heating systems
•    Furnaces and Package units
•    Ductless Systems
•    Split Systems

Ask us about the following accessories to your installation:

Digital Programmable Thermostats (enjoy energy cost savings and comfort),
Humidifiers and Humidification Systems, Air Filtration Systems (Indoor Air Quality)
Allergies? Concerned about mold and bacteria?

Ask us about UV Light Purifiers and Electronic Air Cleaners

We offer expert furnace and boiler installations in New Jersey.Boiler Installations and Boiler Replacements

Your heating equipment is one of the most important investments in your home. Maintained properly it can provide you and your family with comfort and warmth without trouble for decades. Sized properly, today's boilers can save you significant money on your energy costs.

We specialize in boiler installations for several types of heating systems.

   Oil To Gas Conversions Reduce your dependence on oil and enjoy the benefits of clean natural gas
   Radiant Heat
   Steam heat and Steam Boilers
We are experts in the ‘Lost art of Steam Heat’ with extensive knowledge about
older homes and the proper piping of steam systems.
   Hot water heat and Hot Water Heating Boilers (Hydronic) We specialize in multi-zone hot water heating systems
   Indirect water heaters 
Add this type of water heater to your hot water heating system and never run out of hot water! Ask us about priority zoning.

Furnace Installations and Furnace Replacements   We offer expert furnace and boiler replacements in New Jersey.

With a furnace installation that will perfectly suit your needs, we offer a range of standard efficiency, high efficiency and ultra-high efficiency furnaces in single stage, two-stage and variable operation ensuring that your home is comfortable year-round and saving you on energy costs.

Add-ons like UV Lights to destroy bacteria, mold and viruses and humidifiers to combat dryness are available.
Contact us to schedule a furnace replacement estimate today! 


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