UV Lights Prevent and Destroy Mold in Your A/C


PreventMoldOnYourACCoilsImprove your Indoor Air Quality!

Bornstein Sons installs UltraViolet Light Systems to destroy mold and viruses.  

We care about your family. And, when it comes to your indoor air quality...we're experts.

Your central air conditioning equipment, hidden safely away in the basement or attic of your home can be a breeding ground for many undesirable growths.

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These dark, moist spaces are the perfect environment for mold, bacteria and viruses and can contribute to mold growth which can re-circulate throughout your home.

This mold can wreak havoc on family members who suffer from asthma and allergies. 

A professionally installed UV light for your air conditioning system will:
•    Destroy the DNA of mold, inhibiting its growth.
•    Mold and other biological contaminants will grow surrounding the cooling coil, whether or not the system is running at the time, the UV Light will do its job.
•    Constant exposure to UV light keeps the air system clean.  
•    Consider a HEPA filter for your system as well.
•    CAUTION: UV Lights can cause sunburn to your eyes. Do NOT look at the light when it is lit.

UV Bulb effectiveness begins to diminish after 1 year and therefore the bulbs should be replaced by a professional to insure the reliability of the system.

Our technicians can install a UV light or change the bult when performing your annual air conditioning tune-up service! 

The bulb for the UV light should be changed by a professional only. 

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