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No More Hard Water
Break Down the Minerals in Hard Water That Cling To Your Pipes


Get Pure Clean Water with a Water Filtration System by Bornstein Sons
Got hard water?


Hard water causes wear and tear on your domestic plumbing sytem. Scale builds up inside the pipes and inside your water heater. Trraditionally most homeowners have water softeners installed in their homes at a cost of $1,000 or more which would then require an on-going. automatic delivery of salt for the machine.

Eventually in part because of the rusting the salt caused, or the wearing of the internal components, the softener would have to be replaced.

Our Water Conditioners break down the hard minerals that cling to your domestic pipes and line the inside of your water heater without the use of unhealthy salt.

Your soap will lather more easily, your skin and hair will be softer, and the existing scale on your plumbing systems will be broken down resulting in clear water. You'll even notice that you may be required to use less laundry detergents. 

Over time this accumulation builds up and eventually disrupts the flow of water. You'll see diminished water flow from faucets and you'll notice a difference in the water from your water heater.

Hard mineral deposits clog your domestic piping Calcium and Magnesium deposits can line the interior of your water heater causing an earlier than average demise of your water heater. The water conditioner will begin breaking down the scale that's built up throughout your plumbing system. 

Salt from traditional softeners aren't healthy for humans or the natural water supply. 



Bornstein Sons can install a Water Conditioning System on your plumbing system. 

Remove the minerals that cling to the insides of pipes throughout your home without the costly use of salt (traditional style water softeners).

Did you know that it's not safe to drink softened water? Most homes that traditional water softeners should be "piped" passing kitchens. But, we find that many of these homes have softened water piped to their bathrooms.

Do you drink water from your bathroom faucet? Oh, yes, you do...