Why We're Green...
Why you should Install High Efficiency Systems

Why you should be 'Green':  What Exactly is a Carbon Footprint...
and Why you should install High Efficiency systems!

Are you ready to go green? Every human being impacts the environment through simple practices that you may or may not realize are harmful. Though the effects themselves may seem minute or insignificant, the cumulative result of wasteful habits adds up to a significant factor in global warming.

While refrigeration has been named as one of the “top ten” inventions of the 20th Century, We now know that common air  conditioning refrigerants are damaging the Earth’s ecology.

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Here are a few interesting 'Green' facts

  • Changes in laws are in place directly affecting the servicing and reliability of your air conditioning equipment. By the year 2010 Freon based units will no longer be manufactured. In coming years the availability Freon will become increasingly limited and costs will rise dramatically. HFC-410A , the environmentally-friendly refrigerant is considered a “green refrigerant” according to LEED® (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™)
  • The use of digital set back thermostats and replacement of disposable filters will aid in cutting down energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills and the reduction of the carbon footprint.
    • Consistently raising or lowering your thermostat setting by 1 degree can save 8% on energy consumption annually
    • Maintaining clean filters on your ducted HVAC systems can result in savings of 5-15% annually on energy bills
  • Replacing your old inefficient HVAC equipment with Hi-Efficiency Energy Star® Rated equipment will not only lower your carbon footprint but will drastically cut energy consumption. There is no “green” out of the box HVAC system, let us design a system that’s right for you!
    • We Install Energy Star® Approved Equipment
  • As the result of our combined efforts we can hope to see:
    The conservation of our resources
    • Reduction of waste and pollution
    • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
      • Repair to the Ozone Layer of our planet

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