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Bornstein Sons offers complete air conditioning repair services
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Bornstein Sons: Your local air conditioning repair company in New Jersey!

Serving New Jersey homes and businesses since 1928, we're proud of the long standing relationships we've developed with thousands of customers throughout all these years. We look forward to servicing you, too! Bornstein Sons is certified by the EPA for the proper handling of HCFC (hydro-fluorocarbon) refrigerants. As a matter of fact, we were one of the very first contractors in the state that installed 410A (ozone-friendly) refrigerants in New Jersey in 1996.  (In 1996 CFC production was phased out. And in 2010, R-22 refrigerant production phase out began. In 2012, R-22 plants are closing).

Your central air conditioning system provides comfort for you and your family, your pets and, with the proper indoor air quality system add-ons, provides a healthy environment of clean air, free of dust and mold, for you to breathe. Clean air is of particular concern for our customers with respiratory health issues, asthma and allergies. Because a central air conditioning system removes humidity and moisture from the air of your home, your AC system may become a breeding ground for mold. We can install a UV Light on your system to remove and prevent mold. 

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Of course, like any other appliance, your central air conditioning system or ductless air conditioning system is subject to mechanical failure and ultimately there may come a time that the system is in need of replacement. We hope you'll think of us!

Bornstein Sons, your local NJ Air Conditioning Contractor, offers the following services:  

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• Digital Programmable Thermostats (save on energy costs)     

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