NJ Water Filtration Systems
Under the Sink and Whole House Water Filtration

Bornstein Sons can install a Water Filtration System providing clean, pure water for you and your family!     

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Clearly, water is important! We use it daily in food preparation and to keep hydrated...for our children, our pets and guests in our home.

The human body is composed of 60% water. 70% of the brain is water. Weight loss programs and your doctor suggests you drink 64 oz. of water daily.

How's your drinking water?

Today's savvy New Jersey homeowner knows the benefit of clean, healthy pure water. Why spend unlimited dollars on bottled water (with BPA leaching plastic) when you can enjoy great tasting water from your kitchen sink?

Bornstien Sons can install a Water Filtration System in your NJ home.Point of Use (POU), or Water Filtration / Drinking Water Systems are typically installed at the kitchen faucet location. These under-sink filters utilize activated carbon filter cartridges designed to address bad taste, odor, chlorine taste & odor, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and cysts. They can also be installed inline with the water line to your stand-alone icemaker or to automatic icemakers and water dispensers on your refrigerator to help produce fresher-tasting water for ice cubes and beverages. The cartridges are designed to remove fine sediment and suspended particles such as sand, silt, rust, and scale from your water supply. Use these cartridges to improve taste and remove contaminants from your drinking and cooking preparation water.

Want to drink fresh water without the expense of buying bottled water? Bornstein Sons can install a Water Filtration System for your homePoint of Entry (POE), or Whole-House Water Filtration Systems are typically installed on a home's main water line to trap sediment before it enters the water supply. Whole house filtration helps guard your clothes, fixtures and toilets against unsightly stains caused by iron and rust particles. They also help to protect and extend the life of your appliances.


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