Solar Services
Installations- Maintenance - Repairs by Bornstein Sons

Bornstein Sons provides a full range of
certified Solar Installation and Solar Maintenance and Repair Services for New Jersey homes and businesses.    

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We install, repair and maintain Solar PV panel systems.
Bornstein Sons installed the very first Glen Ridge NJ Residentail Solar InstallationWe are informed about the latest solar systems coming to the market today. Solar energy is a relatively new consideration for homes and businesses today. We realize you may have several unanswered questions.We're here to help answer them so you can make an informed decision that's right for you.

Check out our blog post on what to expect when you install solar. We cover the entire process, from research to completion, and there's even a handy timeline/checklist you can print out for easy reference.

As of Fall 2009 New Jersey was awarded the status position of being second in the country to install Solar Photovoltaic Electrical systems. With an ever-growing need to protect our resources, let’s discuss renewable energy and how you can make a difference in our environment! We also offer Solar PV system maintenance services to better protect your investment. Contact us for more information

We’re proud to announce the formation of our new Affiliate Company, New Jersey Sunshine Solar Power, LLC, for your New Jersey Commercial and Industrial needs.

Read the press release about our  Solar Project in Glen Ridge, NJ. (We installed the very first Solar PV system in Glen Ridge!)

We also strongly urge you to review New Jersey and Federal incentive programs for homes and business (also see bottom of this page for more info).

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  • Certified Installers of Photovoltaic Solar Power Energy Systems
  • Residential to Large Commercial applications
  • Solar Swimming Pool Heaters
  • Solar Water Heaters
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Benefits of Solar Electricity

Bornstein Sons can   install a Solar PV Electrical System for your home or business in New Jersey
  • Consistently reduce your energy costs -- get your energy FREE, from the sun.
  • Offset your system purchase with Federal Rebates of 30% of the installed system cost with no cap. (Commercial/Industrial business customers will receive a 30% Federal Tax Rebate) In addition, State rebates are now available. Take control on the production of energy for your residence or place of business.
  • Safeguard the environment by using clean, renewable energy, Repair our world!
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs): Your local utility company will pay you for the energy you produce whether you consume it or send it out to ‘The Grid’! This is in addition to net-metering. The New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) plans on increasing the value of SRECs, resulting in an average income of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Utility Companies can provide you with financing between 40% and 60% of the total cost of the installation which can be paid back with SRECs that you generate.

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