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3 Generations of personal service...
Let our family treat YOU like family! 


NJ Smart Homes by Bornstein Sons 


Stay connected and in control of what goes on in your home, no matter where you are!




Schedule an Estimate for an Automation System for your Home or Small Business



Take control ... from anywhere!

From your office, on the train, airport, the beach, a sports event, the lobby of your hotel...anywhere in the world...You're in control with the touch of your hand and a connected home automation system.

Bornstein Sons, premier contractors with over 8 decades of experience servicing, repairing, maintaining and installing home and business comfort systems is ready to install a customized system for you!


Have you ever forgotten to:

  • Close your garage door? With the touch or tap of a button!
  • Hide a key for someone? No need - assign everyone a private code!
  • Leave lights on or off? Turn them off - you're connected!
  • Turn your thermostat down for energy savings? From anywhere!

*Energy management allows you to apply energy-saving Smart Schedules and track your savings over time! 

Emergency Problems

Have you experienced:
  • a burst water heater or water line?
  • Failed heating or cooling system? 
  • Flooded basement or failed sump pump?

*Flood sensors notify you when there's a problem so you or a neighbor, relative or friend can get to your property and turn off the water avoiding further damage!

Air Conditioning and Heating repairs can be frustrating for homeowners. With a Trane Nexia thermostats when something goes wrong with your system, our company will be able to look at it remotely, obtain repair parts, and repair your equipment quickly most often in one service call instead of two. This is only one advantage of a Nexia thermostat!

Fierce winter storms can result in power outages, failed heating systems, frozen pipes and disastrous results...

 Security and Safety First

  • Leave a key for your cleaning service? Assign a special code so you can see when they're in your premises!
  • Want to know when your kids get home? Receive a text!
  • Forget to lock your door? No problem...A push of a button and you're secure!
  • Have you experienced Intruder Alerts?
  • Who is knocking on your front door or ringing your bell? - A camera will show you!
  • Children at play in the yard or another level of your home? Watch their every movement!
  • Keep an 'eye' on your new baby in a crib with a streaming camera!
  • Unsupervised workmen in your home? Sneak a peak from your office or wherever you are!
  • Does your Smoke Detection system alert you? An app will!
  • How effective is your Carbon monoxide monitoring?

*Image sensors provide motion detection provide visual access.

*Video monitoring "live" feeds or recorded clips of motion or activity of your premises 
provides surveillance for your home through an internet connection, remote app or recording device. 

*Connect your lights, locks and garage doors - You control your home remotely. Assign special lock codes with a Smart Code deadbolt lock to workers or service companies that enter your location on a regular basis. 

*Door cameras lets you to see who is at the door before you open it.



  • Open and close your blinds, shades and window treatments remotely.
  • Choose 'Scene Lighting Control' for daytime or nightime ambiance.
  • Control indoor temperature - Set schedules - Save money!
  • Automate your life!

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