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Bornstein Sons offers suggestions on How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

Here are some of our Top 10 Energy-Saving tips about your heating system!
High on utility cost savings...low cost to you!


There are many different ways to minimize your heating costs. Here are some no cost or low cost heating systems tips for your NJ home.

1. Don't overheat your home. Maintain a comfortable temperature, usually 68-70 degrees

2. Lower your thermostat to 60 degrees during sleeping hours. Consider installing a programmable thermostat to automate the process. You can save approximately 2% on your energy costs by lowering the temperature each night, it all adds up. 

*Consider upgrading your thermostat to allow for future Home Automationby having a professional install a WiFi Bridge Thermostat. 

3. Caulk and weather-strip your doors and windows - don't let the warmth you're paying for leave your house.

4. If you're lucky enough to have a zoned system, don't heat rooms that are not occupied. Keep those rooms at a lower setting.

5. Insulate yourself by dressing properly - the 'layered look' is not only fashionable, it's functional.

6. Service your furnace or boiler - Have a professional heating contractor inspect your system annually. It's a proven fact that maintaining your equipment improves its reliability, efficiency and reduces costs.

7. If you have a forced air system and find your getting cold air flow your fan delay may need to be adjusted. Speak to a professional service company about this.

8. Be sure to change your filters monthly if you have a ducted system. Reduced air flow can cause problems to your system. Not only will you be unable to heat your living space due to restricted air flow, your system will suffer from this as well. The result: possible major repairs or an early demise of your heating equipment. 

9. Let the sun shine! Open your draperies, blinds and shades to let the warmth of the sun help heat your home.

10. If your system is older and inefficient consider replacing it with a more modern, high efficiency system. Older systems have efficiency levels that are somewhere in the area of 55% to 65%. Today you can get a system that is upwards of 85% to 95%. Think of the energy savings you'll achieve with new equipment. The payback time will make the expense well worth it. Federal Incentives and Rebates may apply.


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