NJ Generator Maintenance Services by Bornstein Sons



Bornstein Sons technicians are Trained Generator Maintenance Experts.

It’s critical to maintain your generator so that it’s ready to operate at a moment's notice.

The manufacturer of your generator suggests that two annual services be performed to keep your generator in optimum condition and, that maintenance and repairs must be performed by trained technicians.

And, when your generator is not working properly or not performing the weekly scheduled test, it may be time for generator repair services

Our technicians are trained to provide maintenance and service on the following generators:

Need service or maintenance for your Honeywell Standby Generator? Contact Bornstein Sons
Need service for your Centurion standby generator? Bornstein Sons is a local authorized service repair company.
Contact Bornstein Sons for repairs on your Siemens standby home generator. Bornstein Sons is your local authorized Generac service repair company. Bornstein Sons repairs Eaton Generators    
Bornstein Sons installs Standby Backup Generators NJ 

Here's what's inside Bornstein Sons generator maintenance services: 
Our 15 step generator service:

  • Inspect oil levels and condition of air filter and oil filter, replacing if needed.
  • Inspect coolant and anti-freeze levels (when appropriate)
  • Inspect cooling system hoses and belts 
  • Inspect engine heater operation 
  • Inspect for fuel, oil and coolant leaks
  • Inspect air intakes and outlets
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect silencer
  • Inspect battery charger operation and charge rate
  • Inspect transfer switch under load (when possible)
  • Inspect battery for output levels, specific gravity and charging circuit
  • Inspect starting and electrical system terminals
  • Inspect exterior case and structural components
  • Inspect control board
  • Check for any warning lights - reset and inform you of any required repair

A second service during the year is recommended. At that service, we perform all of the above services, plus include an oil change, replacing the oil filter as well. 

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