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We're always happy to schedule air conditioning service or an AC repair call for you, and likely at a time of your convenience...

Sometimes, however, particularly during thos hazy, hot and humid air conditionining summer days we find a simple fix that often you can resolve easily to save you the frustration of being without the comfort of your air conditioning.  

A blocked filter is one of the most common cause for air conditioning not to work. It is for that reason that we recommend you change your disposable filter every month during operable seasons. Here's a blog post that will provide more information

If possible, please check the following...

  • The switch on your thermostat should be in the appropriate “Cool”  position. To be certain it is set correctly, switch it “OFF” then back to the desired setting.
  • If you have a digital thermostat, change your batteries
  • Set the temperature on your air conditioning thermostat a few degrees lower than the current room temperature, wait a few minutes to see if the system responds to the action the thermostat has requested.
  • Check your Emergency Switch to be sure it’s in the “ON” position. The plate for this switch, located near your equipment, is typically red in color. Sometimes it might accidentally be turned off. 
  • Locate the circuit breaker for your system. Physically switch the breaker to the “OFF” position and then back “ON”. A circuit breaker can “trip” and appear to be “ON” when in reality it is not!
  • Think about when you last changed your filter, if you have a ducted system. Can't change your filter? Call us...
  • Has the 'door' to the furnace been opened? Be sure it's closed securely
    • If not, attempt to close it

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