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Don't wait for that first blazing hot summer day to find out your AC system is not working! Schedule your AC Maintenance today!

Why? It’s a well-known fact that professionally maintained equipment not only lasts longer but is more energy efficient, saving you money!

  • Air conditioning systems work overtime in hot weather.
  • Air conditioning equipment loses up to 5% of its efficiency each year as a result of normal wear and tear? 
  • With proper maintenance your system will run more efficiently.
    • AC Tune-Ups will result in savings on your utility bill.
    • Maintenance extends the life of your air conditioning equipment.

Bornstein Sons consulted with the Department of Energy about air conditioning maintenance


The Department of Energy states reasons 
why air conditioning systems should be properly
maintained by a professional


(the snippet of this infographic courtesy of
The Department of Energy)  


Annual air conditioning maintenance allows our trained technicians to spot minor issues before they become big problems.  

Contact us today to Schedule your your AC Tune-UpOur experienced technicians will perform a complete and thorough, multi-point service on your system to prepare it for the summer months ahead. Check out what's included in our multi-point Annual AC Maintenance.  

Preventative AC maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure trouble-free operation and can prevent system failure on a hot, muggy summer day! 

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Learn about Bonnie B's Savings Club Memberships. Annual maintenance is included, repairs carry our lifetime warranty as long as your membership is in force.

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