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Safety Locking AC Refrigerant Caps 


Your central air conditioning and ductless air conditioning systems operate with a refrigerant to cool the air in your home. Until very recently, these valves were easily accessible to service technicians and any individual that chose to open the valves. A dangerous fad began, and continues to increase, called "huffing"

Huffing can cause irregular heart rhythms and death.  Tamper-resistant Locking Refrigerant Caps will protect the refrigerant in your air conditioning system from theft and avoid safety and health issues.

Also, refrigerant is becoming costly...more incentive for people to attempt to steal it. 

Sound silly? It's not!

 Avoid a Serious Health Problem

Bornstein Sons installs Tamper-Proof Locking Refrigerant Caps

Tamper-Proof Locking Refrigerant Caps provide safety and security from the dangers
of the refrigerant for your Central Air Conditioning System.


Refrigerant theft, a long-time well known problem is on the rise causing brain injury and death due to an act called "huffing". When installed and serviced by a professional, these devices can only be removed with a special key. 

  • Dr. Robert Geller, a pediatric professor with the Emory School of Medicine and the Medical Director at the Georgia Poison Center states that: "What teens are unfortunately doing, is breaking into refrigeration systems, AC systems, opening the valve letting the freon out and huffing it while it comes out of the valve," said Geller. "The problem is they think it's going to give them a safe high but it's not a safe high."
  • Geller said "the growing trend can be deadly".
  • "Some teens have described it as causing a rapid high. The problem with the rapid high is sometimes it causes heart rhythm to be abnormal and it can make you drop dead from an abnormal heart rhythm when your heart stops beating correctly," said Geller.

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Avoid this dangerous possibility, safeguard your liability while protecting an accident that might jeopardize the health and safety of others. 

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