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AC Tips and Hints: Coping With High Temperatures

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sat, Jul 25, 2015 @ 08:49 PM

Helpful Hints:
Seasonal Tips to Keep Your House Cool 



Helping Your Air Conditioning System Work Better:

When the thermometer starts rising it's likely you'll hear warnings on your local weather and news channels with suggestions for keeping cool during periods of intense weather.


Many people don't take the proper care to hydrate, layer their clothing and pay attention to how they're feeling when it starts heating up outside.

Similarly, if you're busy and not paying attention to what makes you more comfortable our guess is you're not paying attention to what will keep your home comfortable for you, your famiy and your pets.

When you feel that your central air conditioning or ductless AC sytem is not working properly you may need an ac repair for your NJ home. We know we sometimes sound like a proverbial 'broken record', repeating the same advice over and over and <sigh> over again...But our experience tells us that these ac tips are tried and true. 

Here are some of our previous blog posts that we think will be helpful:

So, the bottom line is...take a moment to evaluate if you've maintained your air conditioning system properly, and if not...give your Local AC Contractor a call!


We hope these AC Tips and Hints have been helpful.
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And, stay cool :-) 

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