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Air Conditioning Recharge

Why adding refrigerant to an old air conditioner may not make sense

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Thu, May 24, 2018 @ 11:08 AM

Air Conditioning Recharge Costs

It's finally getting warmer in New Jersey. As I look outside my window I see lots of greenery, sun peaking through the blinds and I can hear the birds chirping. Hooray!

I'm so glad to have that nasty winter we suffered through behind us. Don't forget, we had a tremendous snowstorm that brought down huge tree limbs, power lines and caused chaos in northern New Jersey, in April, no less, ... and so warm weather is certainly a welcome event!

Accompanying the arrival of this wonderful warmer spring weather comes the discomfort in our homes requiring the use of our central and ductless air conditioning systems. And, on that first day of AC use, we find that our system might not be cooling properly. We may find that we need air conditioning service. Unless we've been smart enough to have an annual air conditioning tune-up, we might not know if our AC system even works properly?!

Picture this scenario: The temperature is set to a comfortable 70-72 degrees in our homes or offices and yet the thermometer rises as the sun beats down upon us and we find the thermostat registers 80 degrees. UH OH!

Upon calling our local air conditioning company for service, a friendly technician arrives and tells us, upon surveying the situation and examining the cooling equipment, that there is no refrigerant (often referred to as freon) in the system. And, so... what does that mean, exactly?

It might mean an air conditioning recharge for your cooling system. A small pinhole in the copper tubing that carries refrigerant through your cooling system can empty the entire load of refrigerant within minutes. Sometimes your air conditioning service company can be lucky enough to find the leak and often the leak is within the condensing unit or fan coil itself making it difficult or impossible to locate.

The air conditioning technician might recommend adding refrigerant to the system, but this is a costly repair. Before you agree to this repair should consider the following parameters that should help you make an educated decision:

  • How old is your air conditioning equipment?
  • How many times, if at all, you've lost the refrigerant "charge"?
  • How many repairs have you had in the recent year or two?

These factors should be helpful in making an informed decision pertaining to the service and/or replacement of your air conditioning equipment.

Remember, older equipment costs more to operate than new more efficient air conditioning equipment, and if you've put money in your system the past year or two it might make more sense to consider replacing your air conditioner.

Whether its prudent to make an air conditioning repair, recharge your air conditioner or consider replacement, we hope these facts have been helpful.

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