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Wanna Be Cool? 5 Tips to More Efficient Air Conditioning

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 02:41 PM

Lower your energy costs by maintaining your central AC unitIs Your Home cool?

Comfort is key when we think about central air conditioning and the benefit it provides. Is your central air conditioning unit cooling your home properly?

Here are a few steps you should take to insure your AC unit is working at its peak performance capabilities...


  1. Be sure to schedule an annual maintenance (often called an AC Tune-Up, seasonal start-up service or AC check-up). A professional contractor will service your system to make sure it's operating as efficiently as it should. As part of this service, your unit may need to be 'hosed down' to clean debris that has fallen into the fins during the winter. (by the way, be sure if you mulch your landscape beds, that you don't block airflow to the outside condensing unit.)
  2. Be sure to change your filters monthly during the cooling season. Of course this will be done at the time of your tune-up.
  3. Close blinds, shades and draperies to keep the hot sun out.
  4. Don't turn your air conditioning off during times that you're sleeping or out of the house. During hotter days, this will only cause the AC unit to have to work harder to cool off your home. We suggest your raise the temperature while you're out or sleeping, and then lower it again to a comfortable level when you return home or start your day. How about a digital thermostat?
  5. Leave doors open to allow for air flow, particularly if there are no returns in individual rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you've started up your air conditioning system and your home doesn't appear to be cool, you may need service.

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Topics: AC Maintenance Tips, annual ac tune-up service

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