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6 Hot Tips That Will Keep You Cool During Air Conditioning Season!

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sat, May 19, 2012 @ 05:36 PM

Hot tips that will keep you coolAir Conditioning Season....aaah, the warm days have arrived.
It's time to turn on your central air conditioning!

So, ok, you're working around the house, or maybe you're reading a book, enjoying a lazy day, or in the middle of a huge project. All of the sudden you realize it's getting a little stuffy and uncomfortable in your home. You walk through the house and close the windows, turn on the AC and get  back to what you're doing. But, wait a minute...it's not any cooler, as a matter of fact it's getting stuffier and more uncomfortable. What to do? Here are 6 tips to get you started...

  1. Be sure the 'Emergency Switch' for your furnace or air handler is not "off".
  2. Check the safety door on your equipment to be sure it's closed properly.
  3. Change your disposable filter or remove and wash your washable filter.
  4. Verify that your registers are in the open position.
  5. Check you circuit breaker - flip it off and then on again.
  6. Set your thermostat correctly - be sure it's set to 'Cool' and is set below the temperature in the room.

Wait approximately 20-30 minutes and then re-check the temperature in the room. Hold your hand near the register.
Is the air cold?

If your house has reached significantly high temperatures, it may take a bit longer. You may want to close the draperies, blinds or shades in any room where windows are now exposed to direct sun to give your system a head start.

Not cool? If you find that the air coming from you registers is warm or hot, turn off your system at the thermostat immediately. Check the outside unit. Do you see ice? Check the furnace in the basement, is there ice there? Perhaps a puddle of water? This may indicate that your system is frozen, which could be caused by several situations. If you run your system under 'frozen' circumstances, you're only making matters worse by running the system. You may have to leave it off overnight or at least many hours.

Call your air conditioning contractor to arrange for AC service. Get on the list. It's likely that your local air conditioning contractor may  be flooded with similar calls.

Routine maintenance may help you avoid problematic emergencies like this. Schedule service annually to have your AC Tune-Up. This may help you avoid this issue. Another way to protect yourself from this type of service call, is with a comprehensive Service Contract.

Stay Cool!

Topics: AC Maintenance Tips, annual ac tune-up service

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