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Heat Wave in New Jersey: How's Your Air Conditioning Working?

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Thu, Jul 05, 2012 @ 07:01 AM

Hot Weather in Livingston NJ Air Conditioning RepairsHow's your air conditioning working?

The folks at 'Weather.com' tell us that hot weather will continue and temperatures could reach more than 98 degrees in northern NJ this weekend.



It's been hot for an extended period of time in Caldwell NJ and ac repairs are the talk of the town. In Liivingston NJ air conditioning systems are beginning to feel the heat. When an air conditioner works constantly to keep your home cool it really gets a workout. Remember, your air conditioning unit is merely a mechanical appliance albeit a wonderful one at that. It's only job is to keep you and your family comfortable. All right, yes, it's a big job. But here's what could happen:

  • The thermostat calls for cooling and your air conditioning unit kicks "on".
  • Cold air begins to circulate throughout your duct system (or in the case of a ductless air conditioner, throughout the designated room space).
  • Humidity is removed from the air and the result is you feel cool and comfortable.
  • The thermostat reaches the temperature you've set it at.
  • The air conditioning unit turns "off".

Sounds simple, right? Well it's not...
This machine and its components goes on and off and on and off, and well...you get the point. We tire from doing repetitive actions. Your air condtioner does too. And, sometimes your air conditioning unit stops cooling. Your home begins to feel warm and you're getting a little 'hot under to collar' (pardon the pun :-)!) Now things are really beginning to heat up.

All of the sudden you realize you may need an ac repair. The first thing you need to do is turn the system off. OFF, you say? Yes, that is correct...if your system is blowing warm air (the air coming out of your air conditioning ducts should be cold) there is a problem. Turn your unit off. And, fire up your computer to do a search. So, you find a company that will repair your air conditioning in Livingston NJ or perform an ac repair in Caldwell NJ (our towns of choice in this blog post) or whereever you may reside. And, the wait begins. Unfortunately, many other families are suffering air conditioning repair problems, too. Pour yourself a cold glass of ice water, stay hydrated, close the shades or blinds to keep the sun out and think cool thoughts.

Our suggestion:

Read though some of our previous blog posts for more ideas. Annual service, changing your filters regularly and perhaps even a service contract might be worth thinking about. (FYI: our service contracts include that ever-important annual tune-up).  And,  if we can help you with your Livingston NJ ac repair or Caldwell NJ air conditioning service, get in touch!

A footnote: have you called an air conditioning contractor for your annual AC Tune-Up? Hmmmmm...note to self. Schedule this valuable service now and put it on your calendar for April next year and perhaps you'll dodge this bullet.

Stay Cool!

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