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5 Money-Saving Reasons To Switch From Oil To Gas Heat Now!

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Wed, Aug 22, 2012 @ 08:09 AM

Contact Bornstein Sons to convert from oil to gas heat todayAs Oil prices continue to rise, consumers look to the upcoming heating season. Let's have a conversation about converting from oil to gas heat before the weather turns.

According to CNN Money, more than half of the households in the US heat their homes wih natural gas, yet still, nearly 8 million US households heat their homes with oil. The majority of these residents are in the Northeast. Experts say it makes perfect financial sense to convert to gas heat and save on energy costs.


And here's why...

Natural gas can also provide hot water, fuel fireplaces, cooking stoves and clothing dryers, it just makes 'cents' that this clean natural gas is the perfect fuel. Additionally, consumers in the northeast continue to look for value in heating costs. Natural gas is it!

  1. You'll save money-Natural gas is cost effective compared to other fuels.
  2. You'll have one less thing to worry about-Eliminate oil tank worries.
  3. You'll enjoy better cash flow-Pay for natural gas after you use it, not before.
  4. You'll have a cleaner home-Natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel.
    1. No soot.
    2. Reduced greenouse emissions.
  5. You'll stop the support of foreign oil-Natural gas does not come from overseas.

In a crushing real estate market it has been said that many potential homeowners walk away from homes with oil tanks. The mere thought of remediation and possible future environmental issuues outweigh the beauty of many homes. Convert your oil heating system to gas heat, remove or fill your oil tank and you've avoided that obstacle.

Your local contractor specializing in Oil to Gas Conversions will handle the process for you including a heat loss to determine the actual appropriate size boiler or furnace you'll need, the process of securing permits from your local building department, scheduling and facilitating the installation and explaining the system to you.

It's time to start thinking about Converting from Oil to Gas Heat today!

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