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Are You Ready For An Oil To Gas Conversion? Switch To Gas Heat Today!

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Fri, Jan 04, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Bornstein Sons can handle the complete oil to gas conversion process for you. Contact Us today 800.287.6651.Are You Ready to Switch to Gas Heat?

Here are some interesting facts about the Oil to Gas Conversion that you should know before your oil company comes unannounced to fill your oil tank!

This time of year homeowners are very busy. School started a little more than a month ago, and thousands of families are still trying to adjust to having taken their teenage child away to college for the first time. Local schools opened their doors after Labor Day, and now there's a chill in the air.

Whether  you've voting democrat, republican or haven't yet made that decision, there is one thing you've been hearing alot about over the past several years...dependence on foreign oil.

Here are some reasons you should consider an Oil to Gas Conversion for your home today:

  1. Reduce our country's dependency on foreign oil.
    1. Our economy has teetered for the past 4 plus years, and each time an announcement of strength is made, the questions start flying.
  2. Oil Tank Remediation
    1. The precarious real estate market combined with smart shoppers has brought to the forefront, the question of EPA standards. Oil tanks can leak causing problems with soil contamination.
  3. Impact on Global Warming
    1. Natural gas burns cleaner than oil. Not only does it minimize depletion of the ozone layer and impact on our climate but it does not pollute our air. 
  4. Cost Savings to you
    1. You'll save on energy costs.
    2. Oil companies are diligent about filling their customers oil tanks and therefore, you pay for the fuel before you've used it, often at the end of heating season.
    3. Save on unnecessary oil tank insurance
  5. Your home will be cleaner
    1. Natural gas is odorless, unlike the heavy smell of oil
    2. No dingy particulate from natural gas. Oil is pervasive and can leave tell-tale signs of its presence

No matter how you evaluate this type of project, an Oil to Gas Conversion is right for so many reasons. Contact your local heating contractor to switch from oil to gas heat today.

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