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What’s a UV light and Why Do I Need One for my AC system?

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 @ 01:32 PM

Do you have mold in your central air conditioning system? Information from Bornstein Sons NJ.Mold in your Central Air Conditioning System?
Oh No!

Before we knew it earlier this spring the weather went from rainy, cold damp weather to blazing hot summer temperatures. In New Jersey we experienced a heat wave reminiscent of the days of my youth 



in the 1960s, and for many of us who can’t bare the humidity and heat, our central air conditioning systems haven’t turned off a day since then.  So that means alot of moisture being removed from inside our homes. Where does it go?

So, your air conditioner has run all summer. It's soon time to shut it down for the season as we look to the start of fall. And so you think, when was my air conditioning serviced last? Oh right, one day earlier in the summer, the AC service company came to perform their annual air conditioning tune-up on your system.  A talented service man arrived at your home, and performed a once-yearly check-up for your air conditioner.  He checked the filters, which of course, were clogged because you’ve forgotten to change them, (Perhaps you need to sign up for our blog or newsletter or follow us on social media, and we’ll remind you every month!)

You recalled that the AC tech put gauges on the system to check the refrigerant charge, looked good… he remarked, he then inspected all moving parts, airflow was fine, everything seemed to be in order. Oh now you remember...he carefully closed up the unit and looked again a second time at the cooling coil and saw that dreaded, defiant, dastardly darling…MOLD.  Mold, you say? How can that be?! And what did you do? Oh, right, you said you'd have to think about it, you didn't know enough about mold and why it would be in your AC system. UH-OH!

And then, you got busy, as we all do.
And then, you forgot...

Now, why, you wonder, might you have mold in your system? Unfortunately, due to improper sizing and measurements, an HVAC contractor might install a unit that is larger than required, which would not necessarily do the right job for your home. One of the most important factors of a central air conditioning system is to remove the humidity in your space. If a unit is over-sized it will shut off after the air is cooled, but before it is properly dried. The result: Mold!
FYI: Much of the humidity may come from your attic, a function of un-conditioned space - a perfectly understandable event.

Sometimes this situation goes unnoticed because busy lives prevent us from remembering to schedule annual tune-ups. Something that is, for sure, in our best interest.

Mold is definitely something you don’t want circulating throughout your home. Especially if any of your family members suffer from allergies.

What do you do about it?

Let’s discuss UV Lights, now, shall we? To make things easier, at the bottom of this post we’ll link to a page on our website about UV Lights!

Given that our lives get busier and busier, and always with the best of intentions, as homeowners we TRY our best to maintain our homes, and schedule preventative maintenance when we should, but, best laid plans…our schedules don’t always permit us to do so. And so, a season starts, a season ends, and we turn on and off our central air conditioning systems as needed, and then we turn the calendar page to fall, the leaves begin to glide from the trees to our lawns, the temperatures drop precipitously, and we embark on a new season. And our central air conditioning becomes a thought of past days and we move on to current issues.

BUT…the water lying in the fan coil begins to grow mold, in this dark, damp place that we’ve totally forgotten about…for the moment.

Truth be told, it’s not too late in the season to have this device installed on your central air conditioning system so that it’s there and ready to use when warmer weather arrives.

Learn more about UV Lights for your central air conditioning system here.

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