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Why have your Air Conditioning system serviced early?

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sat, Mar 12, 2011 @ 04:16 PM

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Here's a likely scenario we have all found ourselves facing a time or two....We're all bogged down by busy schedules, and an ever growing pile of mail....coupons, enticements, special promotions, flyers placed in our mailboxes, in our email boxes, stuck in between catalogs, advertisements on cable, in the newspaper, and so on...

Not everyone thinks to service their air conditioning system prior to the start of the summer, it's that old 'out of sight, out of mind' concept. The month is March, there's snow on the ground, and it's cold outside. Clearly it's not the time to think about air conditioning and hot weather! Experience would tell you that would be incorrect. Before you know it, the weather changes, and all of the sudden, outdoor sports for our children take over, gardening becomes a priority, we change over our closets and bedding, We are all just so busy!

Then, when you least expect it, the hot weather hits, and it's summer! Where did the time go? You close the windows, switch the thermostat to 'cooling' and wait for the flow of cold air throughout your home. But, wait a minute! It's awfully hot in here! You wait a few more minutes...check the thermostat again. No luck!

So you turn it off and on a few times, you wait momentarilly, become more and more frustrated and finally decide to call an air conditioning contractor. You go online in a quest to find the right company who can fit you into their schedule. No doubt, hundreds of other homeowners have decided to do just the exact thing at the exact moment. So you make call after call, only to find out your 15th in line. Roll back the calendar! Didn't I receive something in the mail? Where have I put it? Aha.....here it is. You dial or click and you're told "Sorry, we can't get to you today". So, you patiently add your name to the list and you wait.

While the weather is changing most HVAC contractors are shifting gears and preparing for the forthcoming season, and 'air conditioning mode'. The service vehicles are re-stocked, heating parts set on the shelf for cold weather to come, and a new season begins.

Experience tells those of us that are in the industry that the time to perform pre-season service on your air conditioning system is when the crocuses dig their heads up from the no longer frozen ground and the temperatures are beginning to warm up. No good contractor wants to make regular customers wait for service once the hot weather hits, while they perform preventative maintenance services. While we're on the subject of preventative maintenance, many good contractors offer full coverage service contracts that will include this type of pre-season service and bundle it with comprehensive coverage to include repairs. This is actually the best way to minimize your costs and maximize your efficiency while confirming that your system is in good working condition for the season to come.

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