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Help your Air Conditioning System out on Hot, Sunny Days

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Thu, Jun 16, 2011 @ 12:27 PM

Bornstein Sons offers air conditioning tipsDid you ever notice how your family pet finds the sunniest spot in your home during the winter months? The warmth of the sun pouring into your home brings in more than sunlight. It brings in extra heat that your air conditioner is trying to reduce.

Your draperies or shades are typically open to allow the sun to bring its warmth inside. So, conversely, prudence would tell us to draw the drapes in the summer months to keep the heat from the sun out. (Now, here's an interesting fact for the decorators in your home) Besides the fact that the sun is stronger being at a closer proximity, did you know it can fade your carpeting, upholstery (Particularly blue fabrics) and even wood floors?   Additionally, the temperature in the room can rise significantly, causing your air conditioning system to cycle repeatedly. This results in additional wear and tear on your system.

Wnat to help your AC equipment work better on those really hot days?
Here's some advice from your friends as Bornstein Sons...

  • Close your blinds, draperies, and shades in the rooms that get the strongest sun at the middle of the day.
  • Set your air conditioning temperature warmer (76 is a good setting if your house will be unoccupied during the school or business day) and raise it upon your return to a comfortable setting (70-72 should provide you comfort) If you don't have a digital setback thermostat, contact your air conditioning contractor 
  • Do your cooking on the hottest summer days outside on the grill. Makes a great turkey or whole chicken without heating up your kitchen
  • Run your dishwasher after sundown or early in the morning, the dry cycle gives off plenty of heat
  • Dress comfortably at home - just as we layer clothing in the winter to stay warm, wear natural fibers such as cotton and linen
  • Be sure you haven't blocked air vents (or closed them) to permit good airflow. We know you want your decor to look smashing, but blocking vents with furniture is not a great idea!
  • Don't block return grills with furniture. Your air conditioning system needs to circulate air back to the cooling coil
  • Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water at home

Enjoy your summer!
Contact us with any questions!

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