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Why you should call a Professional for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Tue, Jun 21, 2011 @ 09:44 AM

Have a professional perform an air conditioning tune up on your system before hot weather arrivesThe 2011 season was interesting. After a cold May, and an auspicious start to June, with hail storms, and cool nights, temperatures were all over the place in New Jersey. You could smell summer coming. The flowers are budding, and scent of grass clippings (and pollen... here's a reminder: change your disposble air filters!) are in the air. And, if you haven't turned on your air conditioning and closed up all your windows, it won't too long before you'll need the trustworthy services of the air conditioning system that provides cool comfort for you and your family on a consistent basis.

Now is the time to have your air conditioning system checked.

Whether you call it an ' Air Conditioning Tune-Up','A/C Start Up Service' or 'HVAC Seasonal Maintenance' before the hazy, hot and humid days of summer arrive, it's time to have a professional service your system.

Each spring, we remind our customers that it is time to have their systems serviced. While hundreds of our loyal clientele take advantage of our reminders, by and large many folks test the system on the hottest, muggiest day, only to find that their system is not cooling, or not working at all. Clearly that is not the time you want to be alerted that you need service!

Your air conditioning system sits by quietly and unassumingly, awaiting the command of the thermostat. And until it does not work, you remain oblivious to its existence.

Did you know that...

•    An air conditioning system can lose 5% of its efficiency each year if not properly maintained, contributing to excessive utility costs and wasted resources.
•    A system that is not efficient cannot do the right job for you.
•    10-30% of the conditioned air in your system escapes due to leaks in the duct work. Have an expert check your ducts and seal them appropriately
•    The electrical connections should be inspected and checked for corrosion to avoid system failure
•    By servicing your system early you can …
    o    Avoid or reduce system failure
    o    Extend the life of your equipment
    o    Maximize energy efficiency therefore reducing operating costs
    o    Assure consistent comfort for your home and your family

Clogged or dirty filters can drastically reduce the efficiency of your system. Filters are either disposable or washable and should be maintained.

Here's what manufacturers and professionals have to say about servicing your HVAC systems annually!

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