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Are You Ready to Switch from Oil to Gas Heat?

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 10:10 AM

It’s been awfully hot and humid here in New Jersey, and as the seasons change we bid a fond adieu to summer. Switching gears to the fall season, our thoughts shift to keeping our customers nice and toasty warm this upcoming winter with reliable heating equipment. If you heat your home with oil, now is the time to consider a conversion from oil to gas heat.

Are you ready to switch from oil to gas heat? Contact Bornstein Sons today 1.800.287.6651If you have a furnace or boiler (steam or hot water) that is currently oil fired...
it’s time to switch to gas heat!

•    Pay for your fuel after you’ve used it, not in advance
•    Breathe clean, fresh air without the odor of fuel oil and soot throughout your home
•    Reduce your carbon footprint
•    Cease the contribution of our country’s dependence on foreign oil

Contact a trusted heating contractorfor an estimate on converting to gas heat, to begin the process…

We think it's in our customer's best interest to provide some information. Here’s some noteworthy conversation about the proper sizing of steam boilers

If your home is heated by a steam boiler, you must be certain that the contractor takes the time and care to measure and properly size your home. The only accepted method for sizing a replacement steam boiler is to do a radiation survey of all radiators and convectors.  Each heating unit has a rating called an EDR (Equivalent Direct Radiation) the values of all heating units are then added and calculated.  Steam boilers have an EDR rating, also known as their “steam square foot rating”.  The replacement boiler should have a rating equal to or slightly higher than the radiation loading. The accepted method for sizing replacement warm air furnaces and hot water boilers is to use a whole-house heat loss method, such as Manual J as written by ACCA or ASHRAE.  A good contractor will temper this heat loss result with his or her experience based upon heating similar structures.

If you already have natural gas in your home, for cooking, clothes drying or water heating, there is no delay.  A new gas riser will be run from the existing gas meter to your new gas heating equipment.  The new gas line will be inspected by your town.  Your gas meter may be replaced with a larger meter by your utility.  There is no charge from the utility company to you in upgrading your gas meter.

We're ready, when you are to help make the switch from oil to gas heat!

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