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Bornstein Sons is proud to contribute after Hurricane Irene

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sat, Sep 10, 2011 @ 07:22 AM

Hurricane Irene hit Fairfield NJ and many other New Jersey towns causing extreme damageWhen Hurricane Irene made her way up the east coast of New Jersey on August 27, 2011, severe rain and flooding caused extreme damage to many NJ homes and businesses. Boilers, furnaces and water heaters were drowned by several feet of water in many homes making them not only unserviceable but unsafe.

When the streets of Fairfield, New Jersey were finally passable the sight of home furnishings, personal posessions, and the equipment of our mechanical comfort systems that we all take for granted lined up at the curb was riveting. Countless numbers of residents were now without heat and hot water as well as air conditioning. Many of us can't go a day without that kind of comfort. Imagine not knowing if and when these families would have these vital systems restored or replaced?

The GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association) warns that electronic controls, once submersed in water, may not function correctly or in a safe manner. It is therefore our opinion, as specialists in the area of heating, air conditioning and plumbing, that your boiler, furnace or water heater should be replaced if it has been in a flooded basement, crawl space or garage.

As owners of northern New Jersey based Bornstein Sons, Inc., we decided to do something to lend a helping hand. Read our Press Release to learn more. It's our hope that other local business owners in the Fairfield, NJ area will follow our lead.

Topics: Replace your furnace, flooded basement, Hurricane Irene-August 2011, Replace boiler, water heater

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