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Choosing A Heating Repair Contractor

Price or Quality? Here Are 5 Most Important Things to Consider

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Mon, Nov 20, 2017 @ 05:54 AM

Choosing a heating repair contractor.jpgYou're up early, it's time to start your day and you realize, once you get out from beneath that cozy comforter that it's cold in your home!

Upon further examination, you realize you have no heat... you must need a heating repair.


How do you find the right heating contractor. 


Let's review the possibilities... And so you know, for our purposes, this survey of possibilities is a search for a heating contractor

If you'r a baby boomer your first inclination might <sigh> have been to look for the good ol' trusty Yellow Pages. But serioualy, you soon come to realize you don't remember when the last time one was delivered to your home.

And, even if you could remember that far back (gee, it's been at least 10 years or more) you might recall recycling that useless (sorry) heavy book, or perhaps put it under your computer monitor to raise it up (ha).

If you're a savvy "mature" individual, you'll go to the computer and start 'Googling' (unless you're smart enough to have a relationship with a local heating repair contractor).

You Gen-X'ers and Millenials are laughing... we know you've already reached for your iPad or iPhone (Android or otherwise) and have started the search. Here are the important factors to look for...

  • Reputation: Search for a company with good reviews. A simple search or checking on Facebook or Yelp can often be helpful.
  • anyEstimate: Often a consumer wants a price quote on the phone or via email. This is something hardly possible without having a trained technician physically examine the equipment.
    • There is a service charge for a company to send out a service man. Remember, contractors incur costs beginning with your phone call. (They have to have someone available to answer the phone, a computer database system to enter your pertinent information and the capaibility to schedule a technician to come to your home, et cetera... 
    • Looking for the cheapest price may result in costs cut.
  • Licensing and affilliations with Professional Associations: The company you call will send a service person to your home. The owner of the company will most likely hold any and all of the pertinent licenses required by the state or muncipality.
    • Additionally, often owners belong to associations that speak to the level of excellence and commitment this contractor makes in knowing what they're doing!
  • References: Often your friends or neighbors will be able to recommend a heating service company that they've used and trust. Start texting, you'll get an answer quickly.
  • Does price matter? Obviously one uses good judgement in choosing a heating repair company. And, like any other service charges may vary. But remember what you're doing here. You're not buying a ream of paper, or a pair of shoes, both of which are commodities.
    • Now I don't mean to knock either.... I buy both, and often. But in choosing a great contractor you're selecting a heating repair company that is going to work in your home impacting your comfort and, most important, safety. 

Choose wisely and stay warm!

Here's some more information that you might find helpful. 

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