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Deep Freeze - Water Line Alert

5 Steps to Take to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sun, Dec 31, 2017 @ 04:50 PM


It hasn't been this cold in a very long time!

Here are some hints to save you money and aggravation... 

The past month has sported an over-burdened calendar with entries to remind us to order gifts, grocery lists, greeting cards, family holiday plans and such.

And at the start of December, I seem to recall having to ask my husband if I needed a coat as I was getting ready to leave the house with him. So, to say the least, the weather had been much warmer earlier in the month that it has been the past few days. BUT...

All of the sudden while we weren't paying attention the temperatures dropped to what is reminiscent of those bitter cold snaps we had in the 1990s when our children were in middle school and high school, to 1978 when I went into labor in the midst of a blizzard and back to the 1960s that I remember living atop 'second mountain' in Livingston. Those were cold days... really, really cold.

With blustery weather, and freezing temperatures, the wind would create snow banks that prevented us from opening exterior doors without having to have them hand-shoveled and we had to dressed warm, bundled up against the elements, to wait for the school bus to pick us up.

For decades in the 70s and 80s and 90s we sent our plumbing techs to replace frozen, split burst pipes to hundreds of customers throughout Essex County. Those "were the days" from a business perspective, that left indelible memories.

Our customers were frantic, without water and sometimes without heat, and to say the least it was a hectic time.

Pipes have been replaced in many or most of those homes and apartments and new technologies (yes even in the plumbing industry) have made-way for new construction to advance into modernity so that we don't get a lot of these calls any longer, but we still get some.

And to that end, I've complied a short list for you so that you can avoid the stress that comes along with what we affectionately called a "freeze-up".

  1. Be sure that  you've turned off (or winterized) water lines that run through unheated crawl spaces or to outside hose faucets.
  2. If water lines run through exterior walls it's a good idea to let the water trickle or do a "slow drip" from the faucet. 
    1. If water is in a constant state of motion it shouldn't freeze.
  3. Don't run your automatic digital setback thermostat to "away" or "night" settings. HOLD or maintain a warmer temperature during forthcoming sub-freezing and single digit weather.
  4. Leave the cabinet door to your kitchen sink or bathroom vanities open so that the heat from the room can surround the pipes.
  5. Wrap insulation (you can find Armaflex in a local hardware store or online) around questionable water lines.

Here are some articles and blog posts from past years that might prove helpful or at least provide some reading entertainment.

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