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Heating Service Contracts: 5 Reasons You Need One Now!

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sun, Jan 18, 2015 @ 10:07 AM

homeowners-beware-.do-not-buy-everything-on-the-internetGot a Service Contract for your heating system from a reputable company?

Here's why you need one now!

On a bitter cold winter day it's hard enough to get an expert heating service company to schedule your repair...and it's costly, too...

Still waiting for your local utility company service? 

Here's why you need a Service Contract from a reliable, local heating contractor now!


Being a heating contractor in northern and north central NJ and experiencing the onslaught of thousands of heating service calls that come in when freezing cold weather hits, we're knowledgeable enough to explain the importance of having a heating service contract with a local heating contractor. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Your schedule is busy and a busy contractor's schedule is busier, yet.
    1. Having a service contract in place assures you of same day service!
  2. In order to be efficient, service calls are typically assigned geographically to prevent wasted travel time.
    1. While this is completely understandable, having a service contract puts you at the front of the line!
  3. Service charges can be costly...Having a comprehensive service contract with a company that eliminates service charges for their service contract customer makes the most sense! The takeaway: You save money!
    1. While it's somewhat rare, there are contractors (like us!) that provide repairs at no cost with comprehensive service contracts in place. 
  4. Repairs are expensive and as manufacturer's increase production their costs are passed on to distributors causing prices to rise. While some consumers feel they can buy repair parts online at significantly reduced prices. an established heating contractor makes a fair, legitimate profit on providing quality parts for their repairs and will stand behind them! Buy a part on the internet and see how quickly you get warranty service!
    1. A comprehensive service contract includes repairs!
    2. Some companies offer automatic monthly billing to help on your cash flow!
  5. Annual maintenance is typically not included in service contracts; however an experienced, professional heating contractor will offer comprehensive service contracts that include maintenance...a win-win: your equipment is maintained by a skilled professional which can minimize repairs!

Live in our local service area? Contact us about a Service Contract today!

Stop Paying For Repairs! Take out a Service Contract Now!



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