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Hey! Who Turned Off The Power?

Why you need a Standby Whole House Generator

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sat, Mar 10, 2018 @ 10:17 AM

You'll have power NJ generator expertsOnce upon a time there was a storm, and while it seems forever ago, it was only 4 days ago that our 2nd (and more to come so they say) Nor'Easter hit our area. 

Our world, it seemed, stood still, and we watched the precipitation outside thinking, "oh, they must have goofed. this looks like nothing".

All of the sudden, sometime around midday, the snow started coming down and fast. Big, fat snowflakes... the kind that stick. And, oh boy, do they.

It was the perfect day to put up a pot of soup. And so, while I did just that I heard a loud bang, and ... the power went off! 

Fortunately, we installed a generator for our home back in 2012. Powering the essential rooms and appliances such as our boiler and central air conditioning, a few TVs and the bedroom level of our house, we were set. 

It seems that some huge 80 year old trees dropped their upper branches which couldn't support the weight of the snow... and so the saga continued.

Our street is still without power, and we're promised that our neighborhood will be restored by tomorrow, or at least that's what the utility company says.

Meantime we've been housing some of our neighbors until the power is fully restored. 

The infrastructure of our state is, well..., old and in need of restoration. Thus the importance of a generator for those with health problems, home businesses, or the need for creature comforts.

Standby generators take care of the essentials of your home or all of it, depending on your desires. 

Ready to talk about a generator? I hear another snow storm is predicted for Monday.

Contact your local generator experts today!

Stay safe...Stay warm!

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