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How To Test Your NJ Sump Pump

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Mon, Dec 05, 2016 @ 08:59 AM

As the ice in your yard melts, have you checked your sump pump?.jpgRain, Sleet, Ice, Snow.....it's all water and it ends up in your Sump Pump!

As the weather changes, and winter approaches, we still see rain, and then sleet/ice and snow.

All of this precipitation regardless of its type ends up as water and contributes to the rising water table of your property


The point of this blog post is to remind you to periodically check your sump pump. 


Step 1: Remove the cover for your sump pump pit.

Step 2: Be sure your sump pump has power and has not been unintenionally unplugged.

Step 3: Clear away any debris or items that might have fallen into the pit.

Step 4: Fill the pit with water using a bucket.

Step 5: Your sump pump should activate and begin removing the water.

Step 6: If the pump is not working, it is best to call a licensed professional to check your sump pump for proper operation. 

Step 7: Check the discharge line to be sure that water is draining to a proper place on the exterior of your house.

It is of particular concern during freezing weather, that you make sure the water discharged from your sump pump doesn't freeze in an area that people will walk thus preventing a hazard of someone slipping/falling! 

It's the old 'ounce of preventaion; pound of cure' here.

The takeway is always be proactive with your sump pump. Here is another blog post that might interest you: Have your Sump Pump checked by a Licensed Plumber.

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You might also consider a BackUp Sump Pump for that extra peace of mind!

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