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Is Choosing A Great Contractor Easy?

Price? Experience? References? How do you choose?

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Sat, Nov 12, 2016 @ 02:08 PM

Choosing_a_contractor.jpgRemember the Pizza Wars back in the 60s? 

Back then, it was who could make the cheapest pizza to entice their customers.

In those days the call was "Pizza, Pizza, 10 cents a slice, for 20 cents you get it twice!"

It's actually going on now, or should I say it never stopped?

Let's face it...Consumers want their money's worth, as it shold be. BUT, what defines getting your money's worth?

Everyone wants to feel they are getting value for their money. And there is no limit to the number of pizza restaurants, nail salons, furniture stores, jewelers, or contractors to choose from. And let's face it, each of us want the best value for our hard-earned money, right?

Since I'm most well-versed on contractors (although anyone that knows me knows that I've done more than my share of shopping in every one of the businesses I've mentioned, to name a few... ) I'll focus on choosing a contractor and what you need to look for to find the right match for you.

A typical homeowner, depending on their needs, can call a contractor in for a multitude of things, and depending on the number of people in their home, the number of air conditioning or heating systems and plumbing fixtures, may require the services of a good contractor every year, every season, every month or more often. More often than not a homeowner calls on the service of a contractor when there's an emergency. His/her nerves are 'shot', this came out of nowhere and was totally unexpected, in timing, finances or convenience.

So, the question becomes how do you choose a great contractor?

Price? Location? Recommendations? References?

What are the parameters you use?
Realtors might tell you to get three prices (and believe me some clients go through those motions comparing service charges not to mention calling a likely dozen contractors (many of whom never respond to them) to shop around for larger expenditures.... but I strongly suggest to you that the same realtor wouldn't tell you to call three realtors, now would he/she?

So why the fierce competition?

Buying a pair of shoes online or in a brick and mortar store, whether it's full price, discounted or on sale, gives you at the end result the same pair of shoes. Assuming the pair of shoes is new, unused and of the quality you expect, this pair of shoes is a commodity. So, of course, you want the very best price, with perhaps no shipping and quick delivery.

Finding a contractor that can accommodate your schedule and provide expert hands-on trained technicians is a totally different subject and cannot be compared to a company that will call you back when they get around to it, or not even bother returning your call.

Not every Doctor is as good (or bad unfortunately) as another, not every Hair Stylist is equal in technique or training, or tempermant, truth be told.

There is NOT one size fits all in the services industry. And therefore, one should not make rash comparisons or thoughtless choices...

In other words to explain better...one contractor may provide better service, more expertise, faster response time, and better quality, but be more expensive. Another might advertise low prices but not be as responsive or may lack the expertise and professionalism, so how and why would you expect the 'cheapest guy on the block' to be of the same caliber of another contractor?

The answer is, simply stated: You can't.

How Do You Choose A Great Contractor?

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