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Why Didn't The Other Contractor Tell Me That?

5 Reasons We Want You To Know That We Care About Our Customers and Insight to Some Other Contractors Methods!

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Mon, Apr 25, 2016 @ 10:26 AM

We're lucky. We've earned a great reputation! And we don't take it for granted, not for one minute of one day. 

Sometimes we're asked, by puzzled potential clients "why did they other guy....?" or in some cases, "why didn't the other guy....?"

Our response? Read on...

Contractor_dilemmas_answered_by_Bornstein_Sons.jpegBecause we believe a contractor needs an accurate recipe for being considered a Great Contractor... We:

  • Treat our customers with respect
  • Carry only top brands
  • Stand behind our work
  • Train our technicians to keep a careful eye on what could potentially be a problem for our customer and making our customer aware of aging equipment and potential issues
    • Make valuable suggestions while not "pushing" repairs not needed or wanted
    • Provide detailed explanations and answer customer questions
  • Take great care in the cleanliness of our customer's homes and places of business

When meeting with a prospective client we're not always the first nor the last contractor to visit a  potential customer for the express purpose of providing an estimate or evauation to solve a problem. 

Often a prospective customer will pose a question: "Why did the other guy tell me this..." or "How come the other guy said that..." and we answer honestly that we can't speak for someone else's expertise, level of knowledge or experience (or lack thereof...)

1. We never criticize another contractor, but would rather educate a consumer in an effort to help them make the right decision.

2. We do not send salesmen that are not familiar with our company culture. Our closely-held business is managed and run by our owners. That's who you'll meet when you schedule an appointment. 

3. We're interested in your business and want you to know that from the start. We've got a vested interest in assuring your satisfaction. We want you happy today and going forward. 

4. We don't use scare tactics and certainly no high pressure. We're homeowners too, and don't try to frighten our clients or potential customers or allude to situations that might cause you undue stress.

5. Our reputation is built on the care we take with each customer from the first day throughout the years of our relationship, and as humans, if we fall short we want to know so that we can remedy any issue swiftly and painlessly.

Over time your mechanical equipment situation might change and thus our suggestion may as well. We've come to realize that while everyone relies on the comfort of their cooling, heating and plumbing systems, it's far more exciting to tell a friend that you've bought a new sofa, car or piece of jewelry.

No one flashes a picture of their new air conditioning system with their iPhone.... and so, sadly we're less loved, but needed nonetheless, and we're ok with that!

When you're confused about choosing the right air conditioning contractor, remember these thoughts.

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