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Your HVAC Home 'To Do' List

Yes, you're busy, but why you can't ignore this...

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Fri, Dec 07, 2018 @ 08:05 AM

Contact Bornstein Sons to schedule your annual heating system check-upThis time of year is busy.

You're knee-deep in holiday mode, scurrying around to check off every naughty and nice person on your gift list, preparing recipe and menu lists for entertaining your family and friends and confirming dates on your calendar.

Busy, busy, busy...But please don't neglect your heating system and your family's comfort!

BUT, the one thing we're sure of is that you haven't paid a moment's attention to your heating system or the comfort in your home, unless you've been smart enough to hold a Service Contract or Savings Club Membership with a quality HVAC Contractor

Did you know that neglecting your heating system can ultimately cause it's early demise? Poor or no maintenance can cause your furnace or boiler to work harder shaving years off it's useful life. Annual maintenance can retain efficiency and save you money, too. 

So, here's a short checklist of what you need to take care of to ensure that when your family and friends arrive at your home that they're as comfortable and warm as the greetings you're offering and the food you'll be serving!

HVAC To-Do List

  • Make sure you've changed the filters in your combination warm air system.
    • This needs to be done at a minimum of every three months, but we strongly suggest that you change disposable filters every month especially if you have pets, or if any family member has allergies or if you have an infant or small child.
  • Change the batteries in your digital thermostat.
  • Keep your drapes, blinds or curtains open in sunny areas to let the warmth of the sun help with your energy costs.
  • Be sure you're not blocking radiators or vents with furniture - air flow is necessary in aiding your heating system.
  • Draw off your steam boiler.
    • Don't know how? Contact us for an annual tune-up and our technician will show you how to do it yourself throughout the heating season. 

If you haven't schedule  your annual heating system tune-up, now is a great time to do that. Skilled HVAC techs will perform a multi-point service on your furnace or boiler getting it ready for the winter's work. Don't forget to service your ductless systems, too!

Here are a few blog posts that may interest you about tune-ups and heating maintenance.

Annual Tune-Ups, Why?

Winter Heating Maintenance Tips

Safety First: Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Some Winter Efficiency-Savings Tips

Stay warm and if you live or work in our service area and need heating service, get in touch!

Schedule a service call or repair with Bornstein Sons for your northern NJ home or business.

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