Water Damage to Your Boiler or Furnace?
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Has your NJ basement flooded recently as a result of a storm?

Are you unsure of the safety and dependability of your furnace,  boiler or water heater?
Bornstein Sons is here to help! 

Bornstein Sons can replace your boiler, furnace or water heater if it has been submersed due to a flood or storm. Contact us today!

Was your furnace, boiler or water heater under water?  Recent changes in our weather patterns and consistent ground erosion is making NJ home and business owners aware of the fact that uninvited water can and will cause damage to the systems we rely upon every day.

The mechanical equipment that provides heat, air conditioning and clean water for your family or employees must be safeguarded, and should they become surrounded by or submersed in water, confirming it's safety and reliability should be your first concern.

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With decades of experience in providing rapid response to our customers, we’re experts in handling the chaos and confusion that comes with flooded basements and the results that follow, particularly immediately after severe weather.

The GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association) encourages home and business owners that have heating equipment that has been under water to replace their water damaged furnaces, soaked heating boilers and water heaters rather than risk repair, as the integrity of the safety controls may have been jeopardized.

  • Controls that were submersed under storm water may no longer work properly.


Bornstein Sons understands the urgency when you've had water damage to your furnace, boiler or water heater.

There are safety concerns to keep in mind when your mechanical equipment has been covered with water.


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