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Solar Power Comes to Glen Ridge New Jersey

As Published on,, The Star Ledger (print edition) The Caldwell Progress (print edition) North Essex Chamber of Commerce Newsletter and -- October 2009

Fairfield, NJ – Bornstein Sons, Inc., a third generation firm whose expertise is providing heating, air conditioning, solar, plumbing and electrical installations and repair services to the residential, commercial and industrial markets is pleased to announce the first ever Solar Photovoltaic installation in a residential home in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels - Glen Ridge, NJ

Solar Photovoltaic Panels - Glen Ridge, NJ

According to Richard Fertel, co-Principal, "We are pleased to be offering this service in New Jersey, a state second only to California in providing Solar energy. An eighty-two year old family run business, Bornstein Sons, Inc. is proud to be on the forefront of Solar Services. The State of New Jersey has mandated that an ever increasing percentage of electrical energy be produced by renewable sources. New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation and has very high per capita energy consumption. In states where energy can be created from inexpensive coal and hydro power there is less of an incentive for Solar. This is particularly true in the South West, and while we would think one would see more panels in that area, we don’t. With these options unavailable in New Jersey, Solar would be the way to reach the state mandated goals. In addition, with our State Energy Certificates and Rebates the payback is rapidly making Solar a financially sound investment."

Bonnie Bornstein Fertel, co-principal states that "Bornstein Sons, Inc. is encouraged by the recent increase in interest in "Green Solutions" and we are ever seeking ways to bring higher efficiency in other mechanical areas as well to our clientele as we make them aware of new technologies, Federal Tax Credits and incentives. We take our resources seriously and hope to see this effort grow exponentially."

Photovoltaic energy is the most promising and popular form of solar energy. In solar photovoltaics, sunlight is actually converted into electricity. The reasons people choose solar energy are varied; but most are concerned about their electrical expenses and the environment.

According to Beth Kruse, homeowner, Glen Ridge, NJ, "Bornstein Sons, Inc. has become a familiar and long-standing vendor for us; they have done our plumbing, heating and air conditioning for years. It was just uncanny that as my husband and I were researching the advantages of solar energy for a house such as ours, with a large roof, that Bornstein Sons would be adding solar installations to their array of services. For us, the answer was simple. We both passionately want to help the environment and save the planet as best we can. We are extremely pleased with the job Bornstein Sons, Inc. has done and want to thank them for helping us not only meet, but exceed, our goals."

Bornstein Sons, Inc. is a 3rd generation family-owned and operated contracting organization serving Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers since 1928. We currently service Essex, Morris, Union, Passaic, and Bergen Counties. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of repair service and to install superior Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Heating and Cooling systems for our customers. We provide a full range of certified solar installation and repair services to northern New Jersey homes and businesses. We install, repair and maintain solar panel systems, rooftop systems, solar water heating systems, thin-film photovoltaic and other solar systems. We are informed about the latest solar systems coming to the market today.

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