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De-stress with a BackUp Sump Pump
Avoid an Unwanted Flood

Bornstein Sons installs Water Powered BackUp Sump Pump systems!

Water powered BackUp Sump Pumps by Bornstein Sons NJHaving a sump pump tucked neatly away in your basement, crawl space, or utility room provides peace of mind in protecting your home and valuable posessions from flooding due to high water tables caused by heavy rain storms and the melting of wintery snow.

BUT...what happens when your main sump pump fails?

Did you ever find yourself wading ankle-deep through water after your sump pump failed?
If the answer is 'yes' then you need a water powered backup sump pump to protect your home and posessions.

When the power fails, or if your primary sump pump ceases to work, a water powered backup sump pump will take over. Because this pump works on the water pressure of your domestic system, it will continue to run.

A water powered pump removes up to 2 gallons of water per each gallon used, and can remove up to 20 gallons of unwanted water per minute.

As with any mechanical item, a water powered backup sump pump should always be checked by a professional to confirm it's functionality.

Contact us about a Water Powered BackUp Sump Pump today! 

Here's more info that might interest you...

We know you're busy, and that's why we want to handle all your service needs.

We install, repair and maintain your sump pump systems. Our technicians are happy to check the proper operation of your sump pump at no additional charge when we perform an annual heating and/or air conditioning tune-up service, heating and or air conditioning repair and our plumbing services, too!

Just ask our professional staff to include that request when you schedule with us.

Read our blog post about water powered backup sump pumps and backup sump pump systems.

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