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Bornstein Sons offers Generator Maintenance Contracts for Generac, Honeywell, Centurion, Eaton and Siemens Generators


Similar to the manner in which you have your automobile serviced, so should you have your backup generator serviced as well. Out of sight, your generator sits idly by waiting to be called upon when the power grid goes down. 

Maintenance is critical in ensuring your generator is ready at a moment's notice...taking only seconds to power on and sustain the electricity to your home or office.

With a generator maintenance contract, you will:

  • Save money on the required annual maintenance service and oil changeMaintenance contract holders
    • Our generator maintenance contracts include two (2) annual visits including an oil change.
  • Get priority service
  • Preferred pricing on any necessary repairs
  • Preferred pricing on other offered services

It's most important that you use only certified technicians to perform any maintenance or repair work on your backup generator.

Manufacturers state "service provided by non-certified technicians will void the original warranty."