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Let our family treat you like family!
3 Generations - Our 10th decade


3 Generations of personal service...
Let our family treat YOU like family! 


Bornstein Sons offers Generator Maintenance Contracts for Generac, Honeywell, Centurion, Eaton and Siemens Generators


A storm is predicted.

And, you can't remember when your generatror was serviced last, or if it was...

Might it really be almost a year since you had service? Did you have service? 

Do you want to wait until last minute to see if your generator is working?

Out of sight, your generator sits idly by waiting to be called upon when the power grid goes down. 

Maintenance is critical in ensuring your generator is ready at a moment's notice...taking only seconds to power on and sustain the electricity to your home or office.

With a Bornstein Sons generator maintenance contract, you will:

  • Be confident knowing that your generator has been properly maintained
    • Our generator maintenance contracts include two (2) annual visits including a complete filter and oil change.
  • Get priority service
  • Save above the cost of regular maintenance and oil/filter changes
  • Enjoy preferred pricing on any necessary repairs

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Automatic Maintenance Scheduled - You Don't Have to Remember... We'll Remind You