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Let our family treat YOU like family! 


Have Your Sump Pump or BackUp Sump Pump Checked Today!
Schedule a Sump Pump Service Call with Bornstein Sons

Is your sump pump out of sight...out of mind?Schedule Sump Pump Service with Bornstein Sons today.

Think about your sump pump before it fails.

When should you have your sump pump checked by an expert?

When heavy periods of rainfall are predicted,  or if a large accumulation of snow during the winter will melt soon and cause the water table to rise.

It's always a good idea to have your sump pump or backup sump pump system serviced annually by a plumbing professional so that you're not surprised with ankle deep water in you basement!


Here are a few things that might happen, and why we think it's wise to check your pump. 

  • A pump float can get hung up without your knowledge and not engage, causing gallons of unwanted water.
  • Your pump could be several years old and it's motor ready to fail or burn out.
  • Debris can accumulate in the sump pump pit which would prevent the pump from performing.


Have your sump pump and back-up sump pump checked today. If your pump needs to be replaced, use this opportunity to do so before you experience the trouble of a flood.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Put away the mop and pail,  ask us about a BackUp Sump Pump.

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