Bonnie B's Heating Savings Club 
Annual Heating Tune-Up, Discounted Service Charges, Discounted Repair, Priority Service


Want a discount?

Maintaining your heating equipment is important,and that maintenance will extend the life of your heating equipment. 

Repairs can be costly, and inevitably, breakdowns occur at the most inconvenient times!

Knowing that in moments, that raising the thermostat to increase the heat on colder days or lowering the temperature to cool off our homes on hot, humid summer nights is a seamless task reduces our stress. But when that doesn’t happen … Well, that’s why we’re here!

Having a professional perform an Annual Tune-Up on your  furnace, boiler or ductless heating system to keep it operating efficiently is a smart thing, and you are already aware of those benefits...but how about saving money at the same time!

Membership in Bonnie B's Savings Club provides priority service, discounts on service charges and repair charges and allows you to accrue annual reward points.  (Heating equipment must be gas-fired)    

Bonnie B's Savings Club provides:    



    • Priority Service
    • Annual Heating tune-up included
    • Discounted pricing on repairs
    • Save $50 on service charges
    • Convenient monthly credit card billing available at no additional charge (You choose the date!)
    • Reward points
      • Points accrue on the anniversary of the plan and may be redeemed towards system accessories or replacement equipment (may not be combined with other offers)
    • Special Benefit: Lifetime warranty on repairs performed when club membership is in force and renewed

So, if you are already amongst those that call us for annual maintenance and service when needed, this makes financial sense!
For those of you that have not, we invite you to become a member of the club, try our services and take advantage of these savings!


Join Bonnie B's Savings Club   You'll be glad you did! 

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