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bornstein-sons-can-do-an-oil-to-gas-conversion-on-your-heating-systemAre you ready to switch to gas heat?

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  • Perhaps you've had an oil heating system for years, or perhaps you just purchased a home with oil heat.
  • Today's homeowners want homes with clean natural gas for both cooking and heating. 
  • Conversion from oil to gas heat will help our country become independent of foreign oil.
  • Take the first step in your 'Green' commitment.
  • Our country's energy advisers suggest we reduce our dependency on foreign oil and we couldn't agree more.

Here's why you should switch to clean natural gas:

  • Switch to Gas Heat today and you'll participate in the reduction of our country's dependence on foreign oil
  • Converting to Gas Heat will save you money on energy costs
  • Thinking of selling your home in the future? Buyers want clean, natural gas heat
  • Abandon the concept of oil deliveries and paying for oil before you actually use it
  • No fears about leaking oil tanks and costly remediation
  • If you are ready to change to gas heat? We are ready to help you!

It's Time to Consider Conversion from Oil to Gas Heat

You can save money on heating if you switch to gas heat
  • Have natural gas in your house? We can easily do a conversion from oil to gas heat for you!
    • Follow these easy steps:
    • Contact Bornstein Sons for an estimate and detailed explanation of the process of converting to gas heat, the clean fuel
    • Once you've decided to proceed with your conversion to gas heat, we'll outline the simple process
    • Schedule your installation now to change from oil to gas heat
    • Bornstein Sons will assist in all required New Jersey paperwork
    • If you need a tank removed or abandoned in place, we'll connect you with the right professionals
    • Your installation to change to gas heat is a telephone call away...
    • Bornstein Sons has been servicing NJ customers since 1928
  • No natural gas in your house, yet? No problem...Give us a call and we'll walk you through the steps.

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