Residential Air Conditioning Service Contracts

Stop paying for repais with our Air Conditioning Service Contracts!

When your air conditioning system is not working properly we know that you're uncomfortable, inconvenienced and worried about repair costs.
Let us remove those fears with our comprehensive air conditioning service contracts.

Bornstein Sons is the area leader in offering these contracts. No other company in our northern NJ area offers a comprehensive contract like ours!



A Bornstein Sons Air Conditioning Service Contracts includes:

  • Priority Service: Don't wait days for service - Go to the 'front' of the line
  • Annual Tune-up service (Maintenance)  - we make sure your system is working with our annual tune-up, plus we remind you in advance!
  • Repairs to your air conditioning equipment are included and there are no service charges!
  • Discounts on non-system repairs
  • Special pricing when you need to replace your system
  • Convenient monthly payments to your credit card makes it easy on your cash flow, too!

Learn more.....Start saving on costly air conditioning repairs now!

Stop Paying for Repairs - Download our Service Contract Save 10% on the first year!


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